The People Remember

A good month after the opening of the Grenada Pavilion, in spite of pandemic restrictions, a steady flow of interested visitors have passed though.  Good comments have been left in the guest book, and people are pleased that in spite of it all, Grenada demonstrated tremendous resilience and showed up.

Most gratifying however, has been the local response to Bryan Bullen’s proposed Carenage restoration project.  Social Media buzzed with the depictions of his vision for how things could be.  One tweet received almost 10,000 views and many shares just in the first few days —mostly from within Grenada and its diaspora. Most intriguing was the many, many responses indicating the hope that the restoration of the library would be the first step in the revitalization project. 

This energy that was sparked by a simple rendition of an architectural plan goes very well with the over arching theme of the Biennale di Venezia, “How Will We Live Together”.   Therefore, the Commissioner of the Pavilion, Dr. Susan Mains, is making a further call for this sentiment to be expressed in the pavilion, as an addition from the people of Grenada and those who love Grenada, whether living on island or abroad. 

These old photos, pictures of artwork, hand written memories,  reminders of the carenage, and particularly the library are “The People Remember”, the answer to that call.

Due to the size of the posters we cut them into parts, see links to PDF files below the posters.