Susan Mains

susan-mainsThe site-specific installation for the Cloister of the Sala Tiziano of my work, is at once intentional and disorderly. Reacting to the western media’s unbalanced treatment of world events, I arrange an homage to the people in Nigeria who have died violently during recent terrorist attacks. Clothing, lying on the ground represents fallen people. I place flowers and candles, again as seen in the media, imitating the sights in the streets of Paris and other metropoles. The materiality of the installation will be decayed by the exposure to the elements of weather during the six months of la biennale. This deterioration speaks to memory—how easily we forget the horror of others. I invite the viewer to participate and also lay a momento—a candle, a flower, an object. The idea of using clothing in installation is not new, many have arranged clothing to speak to issues such as colour, volume, excess. My use is connected intimately with the lost lives of many individuals.
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