Sandra Louison

Sandra Louison

Asher Mains, Sandra Louison, Susan Mains

Grenada Pavilion 57th Venice Biennale – Advisory Board member.
Freelance Arts Consultant Mission – “To create an international network using social media resources as a marketing/pr tool, promoting, advising artists of all disciplines.”

I am of Grenadian heritage Mother Everil nee Fletcher is from Union, St Marks and Father Linton Louison is from Gouyave, St John’s respectively.
My art story began in the mid 1990s whilst working as a Sports therapist/ Gym Instructor with a science background.
Encountered by chance or call it fate, an artists community and subsequently became involved in artists projects. Hence, employment direction changed and haven’t looked back since. I found a niche through art as a form of expression and my intent is to continue spreading the passion and knowledge gained far and wide.

Selected artists I have worked with:-

Artist – Birgitta Hosea

Appeared in her animated film ‘Virus’ in 1999
Curated ‘Visitation’ 2004 an installation by Birgitta Hosea at the Crypt Gallery in London
Assisted with her performances ‘Medium’ and ‘Out There in the Dark’

See Sandra Louison Projects:

Group shows of artists at Folkestone Triennials in 2011 and 2014 ( Anne Robinson, Carali McCall, Marie Claire Foa, Sarah Sparkes, Thurle Wright and Birgitta Hosea. Assisted with installation of works and artist support. Promotion of events.

Artists consultancy current projects 2017 including Alex Latour advising on promotion of Haitian art ‘ The Smartest Project’.

Before using Facebook I created a blog online ‘ Art-e-Facts in 2009 that included exhibition reviews and recommendations

Career highlight – 2015 involved in a published Anthology of Sufi Poems ‘ Shadow of the One’ published by Intent Publishing
Project was conceived wholly online through a Sufi Facebook page ‘Zawia Ebrahim,’ on the strength of my online posts I was asked to contribute collage photography and poems.
Internationally based authors from Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, United States and myself from here in the U.K.

Subsequently visited Pakistan in January 2016 to meet co authors/ poets in Karachi and Islamabad. Organised a reading of Anthology at T2F in Karachi , which was warmly received.


2001 – 2003 First Gallery Assistant job as part of a team in British Galleries at Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

2004-2009 – After graduating from Goldsmiths, worked at East end local galleries and arts organisations including inIVA (Institute of International Visual Arts).

2009 – current date Working Whitechapel Gallery as Senior Gallery staff supervising a team of Gallery Assistants within a front of house context.

2015 – current date Casual Duty Manager for Autograph ABP ( a photography agency specialising in Human Rights that encompass culture, identity and race). Situated at Rivington Place, Shoreditch, London. Building designed by Architect David Adjaye.


1997-2000 Bsc Hons Combined degree Arts/ Leisure Management with Sports Studies at Roehampton University

2003- 2004 Post Grad Art History at Goldsmiths College (University of London) Course included Post- colonial theory where my interest developed further.


Postcolonial theory is my main subject of interest that includes Edward Said ‘Orientalism’; cultural theorist Stuart Hall; the influence of the British Black Arts Movement in the 1980’s regarding the gap within the art canon, highlighting the lack of representation of people’s from the Black and South Asian Diaspora communities; Intersectionalism as a way forward in acknowledging all minority communities within society as holding multiple identities, with similarities of struggle.
Audre Lorde writer/poet was an advocate of this in her writings in the 1970’s ‘I Am Your Sister’ regarding race, gender, sexuality, and class. Embracing difference to build strength amongst marginalised communities.
Angela Davis activist/writer is an inspiration and I have had the honour of meeting her twice in person attending talks and conferences. Including the launch of the ‘Stuart Hall’ building at Goldsmiths College hosted by the Centre for Feminist Research.

Yogi – A regular practitioner of Hatha Yoga and meditation.

Sufism – Student of mystical strand of Islam that aids my personal spiritual growth and development.