Nino Perrone

Nino Perrone is a painter who lives and works in Bari (Italy). His artistic career began in the traditional way, focusing on landscape and figure painting. Over time, his brushstroke becomes progressively more rarefied, because he intervenes on the mimetic elements of his paintings by operating a process of subtraction. Inspired by nature, Perrone’s production is linked on the one hand to the figurative experiences of en plein air painting, dedicated to reporting on canvas the physical circumstances experienced in contact with reality, and on the other hand to the Expressionist movement, focused mainly on the use of bright color.

Perrone’s paintings manifest an inner vision of nature that imposes itself on the realism of the scenes, bringing attention on a particular sign or on the flow of the brushstrokes. In this way, from the expressive qualities of the artist emerge dreamlike pictures and personal memories that each viewer can relate to his/her personal experience.