Marialuisa Tadei

Born in Rimini, Marialuisa Tadei has used the medium of sculpture since the beginning of her practice, which she shapes using a multitude of materials, including marble, onyx, alabaster, fibreglass, Murano glass, bronze, and aluminium. Her interest, however, also includes mosaic, watercolor painting, digital photography with a pictorial base and embroidery,being distinguished by the versatility of the techniques used.

Since the ‘90s, her talent has been recognized by critics and public, as evidenced by the numerous exhibitions in which she has participated, both in Europe and in the United States. The artist has regularly exposed her works in prestigious exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, having participated in the 2009 and 2013 editions, as well as the 2010 Architecture Biennale. Her art aims at first to emphasize the “distance” between immanence and transcendence, and then open those “portals” that reveal the signs of universal essence emanating from the Creator.