How to help

The Grenada Arts Council is a non-profit organization in Grenada with the responsibility of the organizational details of the Grenada Pavilion in Venice.

All monies will go through the GAC.

Any donations can benefit from a tax exemption in Grenada.

These are the immediate needs for making 2019 a reality.

We estimate as follows:

Airline Tickets for 4 artists, 2 organisers @ $1200 USD = 7200 USD

Accommodation for 10 days for 8 (Air B&B apartment) = 3200 USD

Shipping of Art and customs paperwork (estimate) = 4000 USD

Printed Promotional Material = 1000 USD

Miscellaneous expenses (transport in Venice, hanging ) = 800 USD

Total 16,200 USD


Your name or company name in the Big Biennale di Venezia Catalog

Your name as a sponsor in the smaller Grenada Pavilion Catalog

If you choose to come to Venice for the opening, free tickets to ALL events

The satisfaction in knowing that you are contributing to and ever increasing life of contemporary art in Grenada, the most active art movement in the Southern Caribbean.

Once again be reminded that everyone involved, artists and organizers, are doing this on a voluntary basis. No one is getting paid.

Please contact us to let us know you would like to be a part of all this!