Giuseppe Linardi

giuseppe linardi“Decodification”, this is today the key-word of my pictorial work. These paintings have along the years passed through several techniques and subjects, from still-life to landscape, till the big hyper-realistic portraits. Today I dissect, dismember, transfigure the images I painted before, trying to make them the more true, almost touchable. That kind of paintings, so perfect, so almost maniacally achieved, now explodes and is shattered into a thousand of strokes of the brush. This signals a schizophrenia, that I call “codes” (from here the word “pictorial technique” was born, leaving me more free to paint as to the academic severity of my first hyper-realistic works.) My new artistic search has been developed from several experimental years, searching subjects, deconstructing and constructing the images. Any picture where I use this technique requires of the viewer a deep reading ability, a “visual” in Chinese-boxes. It slowly reveals itself, always taking advantage of new elements. The viewer is hypnotized by the decodification of those signs that are recognized from daily life.
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