Giancarlo Flati

Giancarlo Flati, born in L’Aquila (Italy) in 1953, is a painter, microsurgeon, researcher, and writer. His current art research is aimed to explore the holographic paradigm and the holo-motion of matter, mediated by the topological forms of space-time.

In Flati’s works there are entangled woods, metal knots, electronic boards, broken glass, grains of sand, stones and many other materials through which he makes us participants in an ontological revolution, that requires an absolute and adherent identity between cerebral functions and reality. The artist is the author of a recent artistic Manifesto, titled L’Albero dei Mabits. Manifesto per un Rinascimento Umano ed Artistico nel Tempo delle Nuvole Super Intelligenti. In it, Flati promotes a new creative movement leading to the realization of a refounded Humanism, an artistic Renaissance projected into the third millennium. L’Albero dei MABits orginates from the tragic contingency of the Covid-19 epidemic and the desire to create a positive change, amplifying the creative attitude and perceptive faculties of people, through a cultural alliance between art, science and technology.