Curator. Daniele Radini Tedeschi

Daniele-Radini-TedeschiDaniele Radini Tedeschi was born in Rome on 17 September 1986 and graduated in History of Art from La Sapienza University of Rome.
From 2013, is Co-Chairman of the company Start.

For La Biennale di Venezia, he was the commissioner of the Guatemala National Pavilion (art) in 2015 and curator in the 2017 (art) and 2018 (architecture) editions; in the 2019 edition (art), he has been appointed curator of the Grenada National Pavilion.

Starting from 2017, he is the Scientific Director of the Atlas of Contemporary Art, published by De Agostini.

Among his various conferences, we highlight: “Sodom in its V Centenary at Villa Farnesina”, that he personally curated at the National Academy of Lincei in Rome, with the High Patronage of the Head of State, of the Council of Ministers, of the Province of Rome, of the Region of Lazio, of the Municipality of Rome; “New Caravaggio. Reflexes and reflections” held at the Academy of San Luca.

He has given interviews and contributions regarding his profession in various national TV channels like Rai, Mediaset and La7.

Family History
Counts and Marquis, the Radini Tedeschi are a noble family of Burgundian origins who came to Switzerland and then to Italy during the Middle Ages, following the Burgundian invasions. Having settled in Piacenza thanks to their bloodline from King Berengar II of Ivrea, the Radini Tedeschi were related to the Baldini, the Visconti, the Gonzaga, the Caracciolo, the Casati, the Anguissola, the Gradenigo, the Landi, the Cigala Fulgosi, the Pucci, the Appiani of Aragon. In the various branches of the family, many eminent personalities distinguished themselves: in addition to Borgognone Tedeschi and Daniele I, decorated in 1477 by the Duke of Milan Galeazzo Maria Visconti, there were Giampaolo Radini Tedeschi, “distinguished Majordomo” of Margherita of Austria, daughter of the Emperor Charles V of Habsburg, and Giacomo Maria Radini Tedeschi, Bishop of Bergamo whose secretary and student was the young Angelo Roncalli, future Pope Saint John XXIII.
The Good Pope wrote the book entitled “Mons. Giacomo Radini Tedeschi vescovo di Bergamo” (1963).

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Commissioner. Susan Mains

Susan Mains GrenadaSince commissioning Grenada’s Official National Pavilion in 2015, Susan Mains has emerged as a leading artist and arts organiser in the Eastern Caribbean. For the 3rd time, Grenada stands amongst the Biennale’s National pavilions because of the groundwork laid by Mains along with tenacious dedication to promoting and furthering art in Grenada.

Citing Jason de Caires Taylor’s work in the underwater sculpture park as one of the top tourist destinations on the island, it is easy to make the case that art is a sustainable resource for economic development, not just for Grenada but the Caribbean. Her work, in addition to her painting practice, includes lecturing at St. George’s University and presenting at academic conferences.

Susan Mains proves her business acumen through her own art gallery in Grenada and also the recent opening of an art centre with her colleague, Asher Mains. Art House 473 offers Grenada a creative incubator through exhibits, classes and art events. Susan Mains is one of the leading proponents in a community of artists that are moving visual art and culture forward in Grenada driven by passion in the absence of institutional support.

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