Artist Statement: Roberto Miniati

Mr. Roberto Miniati
Born in: Rome (Italy), 14/05/1952
Lives and works in: Via Marco Marulo 56 – 00143 Rome, Italy

“God”: the creator of all natural beauties, that allowed man, through the sensory qualities, to collect memories and to guard the anamnesis of the world. This mixed-media work stimulates all senses, in particular the sense of smell, through a series of different perfumes. In fact, Roberto Miniati says: “We can close our eyes in front of everything, in front of the horror, in front of the beauty, we can shut our ears to a charming sound, to seductive speeches, but we cannot escape the smell, the scent. And now close your eyes, immerse your fingers in the container of spices and rely on the smell: what perfume does your memory have?”.


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