Artist Statement: Franco Rota Candiani

Mr. Franco Rota Candiani
Born in: Milan (Italy), 14/12/1939
Lives in: Corso Garibaldi, 49 – 20121 Milan, Italy
Works in: Via Durando, 38 – 20158 Milan, Italy

The brushstrokes in “Grenadine” almost evoke a landscape, suspended between reality and dream, an island. They visualize a metaphysical place, a place of remembrance, in which everything can still happen or in which, vice versa, everything has already happened. The substance of “Grenadine” is evanescent, incorporeal, but it has the vivid consistency of past experiences. Franco Rota Candiani configures it as the surreal – but concrete – space of transcendental reflections and he captures the spectators in order to elevate them towards another dimension.


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