Artist Statement: CRS avant-garde composed by Carlo Caldara, Paolo Rossetto, Giovanni Scagnoli

CRS Avant GardeCRS avant-garde (collective formed by Carlo Caldara, Paolo Rossetto and Giovanni Scagnoli)
Born in Grenada – Italy, 2014
Lives and works in Italy and Grenada
Web site: non presente / not present

Mr. Carlo Caldara
Born in Milan, Italy, 26/05/1965

Mr. Paolo Rossetto
Born in Bolzano, Italy, 06/06/1968

Mr. Giovanni Scagnoli
Born in Sarnano (MC), Italy, 30/03/1953


Carlo Caldara – Biography
Born in Milan in the mid-1960s, Carlo Caldara currently lives and works in Vigevano. Graduated in Medicine, at the same time he studied at the School of Nude of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan. His innovative artistic production explores the relationship between figurative art and literature. His research focuses on the fusion between painting and virtual production, using both assemblage of heterogeneous materials and epigrammatic language. At the age of 25 he began to exhibit his works both in Italy and abroad, spreading social messages and humanitarian warnings in many prestigious exhibitions.

In “Memory ways” the globe is crossed by plastic fibres of variable length and illuminated by led spotlights placed inside. The material interventions and the use of oil colour produce a series of continental fragments. The lights indicate the original paths of migration of the various populations that inhabit the Antilles. Carlo Caldara therefore pays homage to the epic memory of the Caribbean country, realizing a visual narrative.

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Paolo Rossetto – Biography
Paolo Rossetto was born in Bolzano in 1968, under the sign of art. During his travels around Italy and abroad, he visited many museums and artists’ studios, educating his artistic sensitivity. His natural artistic talent, led him to stop his commercial studies. He graduated from the the Institute of Art in Trento in 1990. His artistic language was mainly figurative, but it then gradually transformed into a style between surrealism and fantasy and he developed a very personal technique. He held many solo and collective exhibitions in various Italian cities.

“Harmonic Balance (Grenada)” is a spiritual condition that is not static, but dynamic, in which the conquest of balance is a process in continuous evolution. The introspective journey made by Paolo Rossetto is sublimated in the ideal union between Man and Nature. Man is reflected in Nature and realizes that he is an indispensable element of it. In this sense, the synthesis that occurs between them is an irreversible reaction, which happens in their innermost fibres, distorting perception and shaping memory.

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Giovanni Scagnoli – Biography
Giovanni Scagnoli was born in Sarnano (Macerata, Italy), where he currently lives and works. He attended the School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, obtaining his Diploma in Painting. He started teaching anatomical drawing at the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts in 1981 and he is currently professor of figure drawing (Scuola Libera del Nudo). Being an excellent painter, sculptor, installer and engraver, Scagnoli has also been pursuing his own artistic research since the 1970s. Some of his artworks are also part of important private and public collections in Italy (Ferrara, Turin, La Spezia, Macerata) and abroad (Paris, Geneva, Canada, United Arab Emirates). His great dedication has led him to hold important solo and collective exhibitions in various Italian cities.

“Barefoot” is an invitation to open your eyes on the world and focus on its essential and fragile elements. In particular, it evokes the harmonic and diaphanous colours of the archipelago of the Antilles, the bright sun, the limpid and crystalline surface of the sea. Nature represents the plot from which the stories and experiences of the Caribbean population, their great narrative, their epic memory take shape. In Giovanni Scagnoli’s work the memory of that relationship between man and Nature invites us to reflect and to reawaken our consciousness.

Download artiste statement and bio as a pdf.