Anna Maria Li Gotti

Anna Maria Li Gotti is a painter who works and lives in Conegliano Veneto (Italy). Essential for her inspiration are the stays at San Vito Lo Capo in Sicily, whose enchanting views of its marine are often evoked in the soft celestial backgrounds of her paintings. 

The personal figurative meditations drive Li Gotti to adhere to the informal, preferring, however, to the vigorous expression of its greater exponents of the USA, a soft and graceful touch, close to the poetics of Giulio Turcato.

The chromatic choices show a theoretical knowledge of the great colorists, such as Goethe, Turner and Kandinskij, as well as a hinted reference to the Venetian painting tradition of the mature Renaissance. The result of this union of technical and conceptual knowledge is realized in a painting based on soft acrylic and oil colors. The blue is the main element of the visual choices of Li Gotti, constant trait d’union in abstraction since its beginnings.