‘Plasticide’ by Jason deCaires Taylor

Official Unveiling of: Plasticide

Last week Friday saw the unveiling of Jason deCaires Taylor latest public work; Plasticide. The artwork has been produced in collaboration with Greenpeace and installed outside the National Theatre on London’s Southbank.

Plasticide illustrates a stark reality; industrial scale plastic pollution in our oceans is reaching a crises point. A traditional family picnic is interrupted by a dystopian vision of the future; a future where as currently predicted, plastic will outweigh fish in the oceans by 2050.

A forewarning of the potential horror caused by ineffective waste management, the sculpture is a rallying cry to consumer goods companies, plastic packaging producers, authorities, consumers  and policymakers to work together urgently, to turn around the catastrophe that has already begun.

icro plastics were collected from coastlines in Lanzarote and integrated into the work

Micro plastics were collected from coastlines in Lanzarote and integrated into the work

Louise Edge, Senior Oceans Campaigner said:
“Greenpeace is proud to work with Jason deCaires Taylor to shed light on the enormous tide of plastic pollution ending up in our oceans. His sculpture, Plasticide, reflects the reality that throwaway plastic doesn’t just disappear when we are done with it, but often ends up in the ocean where it causes untold harm to marine life.

“Studies have shown that 90% of seabirds now have plastic in their stomachs. The scene depicted in this sculpture would have seemed surreal fifty years ago, but it’s now a grim reality. All plastic is made on land and it’s here we need to see action to reduce the flow of plastic into our oceans”

Behind the scenes video

Behind the scenes video

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For further information and press material please contact: Luke Massey at Greenpeace luke.massey@greenpeace.org

57th Venice Biennale

Grenada at Venice 2017

Grenada at Venice 2017

Jason is the headline artist at the Grenada Pavillion and will exhibit a new series of works during the up coming 57th Venice Biennale in Italy. Which opens on the 12th of May, 5.30pm, 417 Zattere Dorsoduro.

For more information about Jason’s work, visit his site at